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Axis Vidius is the world’s smallest camera drone

Axis Vidius is the world’s smallest camera drone

Todd Moran

And eventually we’ll see tiny camera-equipped drones capable of lasting, say, 30 minutes in the air at a time and able to livestream in 720p. The Axis Vidius is also fitted with LED lights for night time flying and drone orientation. NY based Axis has a patent pending on the new drone, but that will likely not be enough. The small pocket sized drone is capable of performing 360 degree flips and rolls all while streaming and recording live video and be controlled using either an iOS or Android device or if preferred the included 2.4 gHz controller. The Vidius comes with 2.4GHz controller for piloting, or users can download an app to their phone if they prefer.

The 150mAh battery of the aircraft only needs 20 minutes of charging in order to fly for 5 to 7 minutes and record the best videos for you. Besides being lightweight and taking up nearly no space, the biggest benefit of the Vidius is that it doesn’t meet the new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines that require registration. At just 3cm in size, the Vidius quadcopter is still incredibly small, especially sitting next to the smartphone that it can send a live 420p video stream to over a direct Wi-Fi connection. This is a clear toy drone, but the video feature is making this a very desirable toy drone. It will sell for $95 when it launches but you can get it for $75 right now if you preorder by January 7th. The tiny video drone can be pre-ordered here. The Hollywood Source

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