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How to Build a Drone | The Panther Press

How to Build a Drone | The Panther Press

build a drone

Drones. They’re a trend, icon, and a symbol of what the 21st century can bring.The problem? They can be very expensive, but have you ever wanted to build a small one?It is not very cheap, but compared to others, it is a lower price. This article is comprised of all of the materials to build your very own drone.Let’s start with a frame and motors. Without those, you’re just a sitting duck.Doing some research on my favorite forum/shop, Hobby King, I found a low priced set.Before I hand you the link, remember that building is involved. Click Here For A Frame With Motors. This combo is prices at $39..

An ESC (electronic speed control)  is a unit that controls power intake to the motor unit. Each motor requires an esc. Next, we deal with power management. Depending on how many amps the motors run at, we can decide the type of   esc we need. So we need x4 esc’s at 15 amps. you can pick 4 of those up for $19.80. Click Here For the Esc’s.

All electronics must have a brain. Most flight controllers range from $15 to $2000! I am going to give you a few flavors offering different features. The KK controller, my personal favorite, prices at $30. This gives you pretty basic controller functions, and is worth it for the price. It gyro controlled, and supports high end functions. The link for it is here: Link

Knowledge is power, and in our case, power is key. A battery is very important when you want to fly your drone. To get yourself off the ground, you will need a 3s LIPO (Lithium-Polymer) battery. They can be different prices, so I will list a few options. the first, least expensive option is the Venom hardcase 30c. Link Here. This battery is the least expensive one that is still safe to use. Extensive research shows that cheap, knock-off batteries can explode and cause a lot of damage. They can leak battery acid, which is very dangerous. Battery acid burns can cause blindness, bubbling skin blisters, and a whole lot of other stuff that I personally feel like I do not want to mention. Acid burns are bad. OK, now that that has been said let’s take this a step up. The Venom 3s-> (3 cell)  20c 5000mAh-> (milli-amp-hour) are a step up. Expensive, yes, but they are extremely reliable and easy to charge. I use them, and they are great.

Now. I am missing one major element to this. That element is a way to actually control your drone, so you can fly the thing you have worked so long on. I introduce you to the lowest priced controller I can find. Link for that is here

Before you go on saying I am too lazy to build that ,I have an alternative for you. Meet the Estes Proto X Micro quad copter. This is one of the worlds smallest drones, and it is just a little bigger than a quarter. At $30, this little toy is a lot of fun. Link here.

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